What About "All Natural" Foods?

The “Certified Organic” label has regulatory authority behind it.  We have to follow standards and procedures for growing.  If not, we can loose our certification, be fined or even imprisoned.  We get inspected every year.  There are surprise visits.  Last year, the USDA showed up at my door and took 10 lbs. of produce to test for pesticides.  Our report came back nice and clean.

“All Natural” is a term made up by agribusiness to counter the loss of market share to organic growers.  There is no legal definition, no regulatory control, and no laws backing the enforcement of standards.  In short, the term is totally meaningless.  Any local grower or farmer that that takes on the “All Natural” label is highly likely to be using conventional pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

“The NHDAMF is a USDA Accredited Certifier which allows the Division of Regulatory Services to implement the organic certification program with oversight by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP)...The scopes which NHDAMF is accredited to certify include: crops, wild crops, livestock, and handling operations.”

From the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Foods (NHDAMF) website